Management Skills Masterclass: The Three Kingdoms Program


  • Motivation and an open-mind


If you manage a team of people, your job has never been more challenging. There is constant pressure to do more with less. To achieve and sustain business results, you need to retain highly engaged employees who are able to adapt and thrive in an environment that is constantly changing. Wisely investing your time into your team’s development can pay off in the short term in the form of improved retention, performance, productivity, and engagement.

Longer term, developing your people enables you to grow your bench strength and ensure the continuity in leadership that is necessary to sustain and grow the organization. Though most managers agree that developing their team is important, the real challenge is finding the time.

In this course, we explain a simple 4-step process, describe best practices for executing on them, and provide you with the tools and examples you need to start using what you’re learning with your team immediately.

  • The Three Kingdoms: In this 18-minute section, we’ll introduce you to the Three Kingdoms and how they support the team development process.
  • Gauging Performance and Potential: In this ~45-minute section, you’ll learn how to gauge the performance and potential of your employees and how to enter your ratings into the Talent Development Action Plan template, which is provided as part of the Three Kingdoms Program. In a matter of minutes, this simple yet powerful tool will give you a snapshot of your team and help you prioritize their development needs.
  • Defining an Action Plan: In this ~90-minute course, you’ll learn how to develop an action plan that Addresses the root causes of under-performance, grows your leadership bench in a way that engages your top people, and strengthens your team’s core, driving team performance and change readiness. Once you learn how, creating your Team Development Action Plan will take minutes, not hours, and will set you up for success as you start engaging with your team in development conversations.
  • The Four Conversations: In this third and final installment of the Three Kingdoms, you’ll learn how the do’s and don’ts for conducting conversations that guide and support your employees through the development process. In particular, we’ll look at the:
  • Engage Conversation: You’ll broach the subject with your employee and gain agreement to the process.
  • Align Conversation: You’ll discuss your employee’s aspirations, reflections, and self-assessment, explore the possibilities, and define some high-level development goals.
  • Plan Conversation: You’ll work your way towards specific development targets, then brainstorm milestones, tasks, resources, and timeframes to flesh out the game plan.
  • Check-In Conversations: By following up frequently–both informally and formally–you’ll create a culture that encourages development as a business priority.

This course will help you focus your limited time and energy on high-value tasks and skills that enable you to drive team development in a positive and efficient way.

Who this course is for:

  • Managers who are struggling with how to develop the capabilities of their team
  • Managers who are ready to increase their team’s business results
  • New managers who want to get team leadership right from the start
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