Marketing Analytics Using R and Excel


  • Basic knowledge in statistics, mathematics, programming
  • Basic knowledge of using R and Excel
  • Passion to learn and apply


Learn how to effectively work around marketing analytics to find out answers to key questions related to business analysis. We are using sophisticated statistical tools like R and excel to analyze data.this training is a practical and a quantitative course which will help you learn marketing analytics with the perspective of a data scientist. The learner of this course will learn the most relevant techniques used in the real world by data analysts of companies around the world.

The training includes the following;

Introduction to Marketing

What is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing Metrics

Market Research and Conjoint Analysis – Overview

Case Study : Market Research

Case Study : Conjoint Analysis

Application of Machine Learning to Marketing

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Marketing professionals
  • Market Researchers
  • Product Managers
  • Any person running a business

Anyone interested in learning about marketing analytics

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