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What you’ll learn

  • Methods that will help you score 330+ in GRE
  • Kickstart your GRE engine such that you build on knowledge rather than having a feeling of going nowhere.
  • Easily solve even difficult GRE questions from Numbers, Permutation and Combination and Probability in GRE
  • Learn Maths for GRE in a new fun way. After this course you will be able to approach questions with a new angle of thinking
  • Learn Maths for GRE in a new fun way. After this course you will be able to approach questions with a new angle of thinking
  • In depth coverage of GRE Number Properties, Permutation and combination and Probability sections. This is one course that will help you become a pro in GRE Numbers,P&C and Probability.
  • Anyone after attentively going through this course will start to love Math for GRE. You will surprise yourself with the way in which you will start to approach GRE questions.


  • Basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
  • No other Requirements



Do you want to Score 330+ in GRE ? Numbers, Permutation, Combination and Probability form an important part in preparing for GRE Math. In this GRE course I will teach you unique methods to solve problems in a structured manner for GRE.

The GRE Topics Covered are:


Section 2: GRE Math Basics

  • Prime and Composite Numbers
  • Prime factorisation
  • How to check whether a give number is a Prime number
  • HCF or GCD
  • LCM
  • HCF and LCM of fractions
  • Proper, Improper, Mixed, Equivalent Fractions
  • Comparing, Multiplying, Dividing Fractions
  • Operations involving Decimals
  • Classification of Numbers
  • Converting a Non Terminating Recurring Decimal to a fraction
  • BODMAS rules
  • Laws of Exponents

Section 3: Find the unit digit / Power Cycle Concepts based GRE Questions

  • Unit digit depends only on Unit digit
  • Power Cycle

Section 4: Divisibility Rules based GRE Questions

  • Rules for 2,4,8
  • Rules for 3,9
  • Rules for 5,10
  • Rules for any composite number
  • Rules for 11,7,13,37,25

Section 5: Remainder based GRE Questions

  • Basic Remainder Theorem
  • Fermat Theorem, Euler Number based Trick

Section 6: How to find the Square of a Number quickly based GRE Questions

Section 7: Find the last 2 digits of an expression based GRE Questions

Section 8: In an Arithmetic Progression and Remainder based GRE Questions

Section 9: Successive Division based GRE Questions

Section 10: Chinese Remainder Theorem based GRE Questions

Section 11: Division based GRE Questions

Section 12: Digit Sum based GRE Questions

Section 13: Factorial based GRE Questions

  • Find the number of zeroes in a factorial
  • Highest power a number that can perfectly divide a factorial
  • Find a number whose factorial will have a given number of zeroes

Section 14: Sum of first n natural numbers based GRE Questions

  • Sigma N
  • Sigma N^2
  • Sigma N^3

Section 15: Number of factors of given number based GRE Questions

  • Method to find the number of factors
  • Numbers with exactly 3 factors
  • Numbers with odd number of factors

Section 16: Write a number as Sum of consecutive numbers based GRE Questions

  • Find in how many ways this can be done
  • Numbers which can not be written as sum of consecutive numbers

Section 17: Write N as x^2-y^2 based GRE Questions

  • Find in how many ways this can be done
  • Numbers which can not be written as x^2-y^2

Section 18: Square root based GRE Questions

  • Find Square root using Prime factorisation
  • Square root using Division method
  • Estimate Square root


Section 19: P&C Basics

Section 20: Relationship between P and C based GRE Questions

Section 21: Fundamental Principle of counting based GRE Questions

Section 22: Permutation in Depth based GRE Questions

Section 23: Combination in Depth based GRE Questions

Section 24: Grouping based GRE Questions

Section 25: Dearrangment based GRE Questions


Section 26: Probability BASICS

Section 27: Complement of an Event based GRE Questions

Section 28: Exhaustive Events based GRE Questions

Section 29: Mutually Exclusive Events based GRE Questions

Section 30: Independent Events based GRE Questions

Section 31: Conditional Probability based GRE Questions

Section 32: R successes in N Trials based GRE Questions

Section 33: Odds in favour / Odds against based GRE Questions

Section 34: Practise Probability Questions based GRE Questions

You will be able to Dominate GRE by approaching Math in a new way. The methods you learn in this course will help you get a deep understanding of Numbers,Permutation and Combination and Probability for GRE. The course starts with basic concepts and takes any student to an advanced level enabling students to crack GRE.


After attending this GRE course, you will have a midset that seeks to classify and analyse every new problem related to GRE which you do and add it to the deposit of knowledge you have. This structured approach to prepare for GRE which will be ingrained in you will help you get better day by day.


  • Good support in the Q&A section
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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Who this course is for:

  • Students planning to take GRE for the first time
  • Students looking at improving their GRE score
  • Students who wish to follow a Structured approach in their GRE preparation
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