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Fire Your WebMaster & Learn All The Tricks Of The Trade – It’s Easy Once You Know How!

Are you struggling to deal with the technical side of your online business?

If you or people you know are having to pay out fees to manage the technical tasks of an online business then what you are about to read on this page will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Inside this video package, you will learn some of the following:

  • HTML and HTML5 Introduction
  • HTML5 Create Basic Page
  • HTML5 Editors
  • HTML5 Saving-Files
  • HTML5 Nesting
  • HTML5 Colors
  • HTML5 Site Navigation Links
  • HTML5 Link Targets
  • HTML5 Images
  • HTML5 Comments Tag
  • HTML5 Meta Tags
  • HTML5 Audio Tag
  • HTML5 Video Tag
  • HTML5 Ordered Lists
  • HTML5 Unordered Lists
  • HTML5 hr Tag
  • HTML5 Validation

Who this course is for:

  • all level
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