Master Laravel 9 collections


  • Basic knowledge of Laravel


If you want to work with arrays and objects quickly and efficiently in you Laravel projects , and save time playing around loops, here is the right place .

In this course we will learn together  one of the most powerful Laravel features is collection .

Collection is a class that enables us to working with arrays and objects in professional and speed way so it saves our time by avoiding using for loops .

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What does exactly this course include ?

  1. using Laravel collection in efficient ways .
  2. completely migration from loops to collection .
  3. mapping collection .
  4. Modifying collection .
  5. applying collection functions with real world examples .
  6. calculating average for any array with any depth  .
  7. Filtering collections with complex cases and according to different logics .
  8. Sorting collections in professional way.
  9. Grouping collections .
  10. Making collections unique .
  11. using where clauses to filter collections .
  12. reseting indexes in easy way .
  13. when and where to use collection in your project

and more …

Which Laravel version we will use in this course ?

In this course I use latest Laravel version (now it’s 9 in version ) but the content is valid for these versions 6.x and above .

Note : After following and watching the course I think you will completely abandon php native array and objective methods and will move to Laravel collection .

Who this course is for:

  • Any Laravel developer who want to master Laravel collection .
  • Any Laravel developer who want to manipulate arrays and objects in professional ways .
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