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If you are facing problems at work, whether with your boss, co-workers, or both, this guide is for you!

I do NOT have a degree in HR, and this guide, and all I teach, have nothing to do with the obsolete and mundane world of Human Resources!

First of all, we are human beings, not resources.

We are intelligent, smart, we have emotions and feelings. And HR looks at all of humanity as just “walking money”!

If you want an HR methodology for handling your troubles, this course is NOT for you!

I only use practical social and communication methods to save your job and take it to levels you have never imagined before!

A warning though: you’ll still have to do the work, and with this method, you’ll be stress-free and will be able to work out of comfort!

You can kiss goodbye to the old nightmares at work (and outside)!

Just keep on reading and I will tell you my story, and you’ll see why you should listen to this guy (me ;)).

Back in 2007, I was called together with the Director of Events to the office of the CEO.

Terrorizing moments were awaiting us!

When we reached the hall that led to the CEO’s corner office, his secretary was waiting for us with a frowning look in her eyes!

We entered and he was there sitting on his $2,000 (or more) chair!

He had a bottle of Voss water on his huge presidential table (no, you couldn’t call it a desk).

He stated: “How in Hell do you expect this company to go on if you just sit and don’t do your job?!”

I made the mistake of replying to him: “I have business on the books and they will start showing up next month, and it’s back to back. We have been working all this time behind the scenes as you know our business is seasonal and there are a few months a year we have no business at all!”

And he was fuming! He turned his chair to the window and starting cursing at it.

He didn’t want to curse at us directly, but I’m sure that’s what he meant back then!

After 2 infinitely long minutes, he turned to us and said:

“If you want to hand in your resignation, I’ll accept it now!”

He called his GM and told him that all our emails should be copied to him and we couldn’t take any decision on our own! And that was the end of the conversation.

At least that’s what I thought!

I went back home that evening and spoke to my spouse and was advised to remain calm.

I kept on working on with my clients and indeed as I mentioned to the CEO, my events started showing up and money began pouring in.

It was so much business that the Director of Operations started refusing to book me buses and coaches for my guests.

I had to ask our Managing Director to speak to him so he got me what I needed to run my events.

The CEO was happy now, it had been only 2 months since that dreadful day.

I saw my chance! I went to his hall and spoke to the office boy: “Akbar, how is our CEO’s mood today?”

To which he replied: “Samer, not today. Come back another time.” (Always catch the gatekeeper first, they can open many locked doors).

I came back the next day and got the same reply.

On the third day, there I was at the hall leading to the CEO’s office and Akbar nodded to me and said, “Just go in, he’s in an excellent mood today”. And that’s what I did.

The secretary of his secretary was there (for real, his secretary had her own secretary).

He smiled at me and asked me what I wanted. It was the sign I was looking for!

I asked him that I needed to speak in private and I also needed both of us to take a seat (never negotiate while standing).

He looked at the lady and she left the office and we both sat at our respective places.

I started: “I’m sure you are seeing how much revenue I’m bringing to the company at the present”. He agreed.

I made a brief introduction of how I was pampering my (his) clients and that my profit margins were nearing 50% with a revenue of nearly $2,000,000 in just 2 months. And that I needed 3 things from him (But I asked for 5 as you’ll shortly see).

He replied: “Go ahead”.

✔ I asked for my full family accommodation to be paid for by the company. He agreed.

✔ I asked for full health insurance for all my family members. Granted.

✔ I asked for one salary increment to be valid immediately. He nodded.

✔ I asked for a second raise to be valid by next month (This one was to pay for my car). He also agreed.

✔ To finalize it, I asked to be promoted to Sales Manager, and he also agreed.

I got 5 requests fully approved by the CEO in just 10 minutes.

You can’t imagine what I did next! When you get this course, I will later tell you exactly how I got 2 other raises just after 3 months’ time from this incident!

Many people think they should not ask much from people, it’s as if they are saving people’s favors till later (the world doesn’t work this way).

But when you give your best and give it first (before you ask for something in return), and you know what you are doing, you have a system to ask for all that you need and want. And all you need and want will be granted to you…

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