Microsoft Licensing – Learn all you need to know


  • Slight experience in software procurement or licensing


LicenseQ, a top quality licensing consulting firm, believes in the power of information; it therefore shares all the content it creates for FREE. This course is a structured compilation of LicenseQ’s introductory videos so that one may get a better understanding of what Microsoft Licensing entails. It covers various topics, such as:

  • The various types of Microsoft Licenses
  • Optimisation of services
    • Such as M365
  • Negotiation

EA renewals, and more. These topics are of critical importance when optimising one’s licensing, and mastery of them often leads to impressive cost reductions! The first step in achieving these results is being aware of inefficiencies, which can only be done once you understand the elements of your firm’s licensing structure. This course provides the necessary knowledge to examine your license portfolio and question whether it is best suited to your needs. If eventually you realize there is room for improvement, then hopefully you can do so in-house, yet if this option is not appealing, reach out to LicenseQ – We are here to help!

This content is made for your benefit, so please contact us on LinkedIn or through the LicenseQ website if you have comments or feedback! Do you prefer less structured content? – Check out our YouTube channel! We post the same informative content but often go into more detail!

Who this course is for:

  • Experienced procurement, IT, or managerial/executive employees hoping to improve their business efficiency and spending by developing their Licensing knowledge.
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