Mobile Games 101 – Android and iOS Development



  • Basic understanding of Unity and C#.

Create your own mobile games for Android and iOS devices by learning to develop them in the popular game engine Unity. This course will not only teach you the core skills to export your Unity games for mobile devices, but also how to implement game controls using typical touch-based mechanics. Whether you want to create an addictive hyper-casual platformer or a real-time strategy game, these foundations will enable you to jumpstart your mobile game developer career and build games for any genre.

You will learn how to:

  • Detect touch inputs such as tapping to control your game
  • Implement various mechanics based on popular gestures (zooming, dragging, etc.)
  • Build your Unity-made game to both Android and iOS
Who this course is for:
  • Game developers wishing to expand into the mobile game market
  • Anyone looking to bring their mobile game ideas to life
  • Self-learners wishing to expand their knowledge for touch inputs
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