Money Management 101-Personal Finance Skills for Millennials


  • An Open Mind and Zeal to Learn
  • An Eagerness to Understand How to Manage Your Money


It is a natural human tendency to spend in order to fulfill the cravings regardless of whether they can be justifiably included in a budget. The idea of Finance and Budgeting techniques was developed to reduce the amount that individuals, firms, and institutions spend on items that do not add any significant value to their standard of living, long-term portfolios, and assets. The Rules are universal and apply to every Individual irrespective of qualification, geography, and type of Industry.

You don’t need a higher-paying job or a windfall from a relative to improve your personal finances. To Be Financially Successful, People need to learn the Art of Budgeting and Personal Finance Management.

Personal Finance management skills are all it takes to reduce their spending, improve their ability to invest and save, and achieve financial goals that once seemed impossible.

This Fast-Paced Course is targeted at the Rising Generation of Today, to teach them the Basic of How Finance Works and the skills and knowledge most needed to Set SMART Financial Goals, Planning the Pathway to Achieve them, and Lead a Successful and Fulfilling Financial Life.

This online personal finance course covers all of the following topics:

  • 12 Golden Rules for Financial Stability
  • How the Advertisements Influence our Spending.
  • How to Keep Track of Your Spend by Understanding Needs and Wants.
  • Why Spending should be an Enjoyable Process.
  • Why Savings are Important.
  • How to Set Clear and Achievable Financial Goals.
  • How to Plan for Emergencies.
  • Difference between Investment and Security.
  • Understand Some Basic Investment Tools.
  • How to Plan for Your Retirement.
  • Understand the SMART Investment Strategy.
  • Avoid the Deadly Financial Mistakes.
  • Why it is Important to Invest in Yourself First.

Regardless of what your financial expertise is or how much Saving you have in your bank account, this in-depth course is designed to provide you with everything you need to Manage Your Personal Finance Better.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone and Everyone who wants to Take Control of their Personal Finances
  • Anyone who wishes to Set Clear Financial Goals and Achieve them.
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