MongoDB Tutorial for Beginners


  • Basic knowledge of Computer usage


Welcome to our MongoDB Course!!!

In this Video Course, learn NoSQL and its concept. MongoDB is a NoSQL Database (non-tabular and different from Relational). It is considered one of the most popular databases for modern apps, used by Adobe, Google, Verizon, IBM, Uber, etc.

We have covered the MongoDB Community version in this courseThe course is for beginners and consists of 27 lessons, and more than 50live running queries, including creating new databases and tables.

The course begins with MongoDB Introduction, features, and editions provided by MongoDB Inc.. Then, we have shown how to set up and install it on Windows. We proceed further with creating a new database, collections, and documents, and performing various operations on it. With that, we have also covered live-running queries in every lesson.

Note: The flow would be step-by-step and the explanations would include a tutorial-like format, to make it easier for beginners to understand a new database and table and its concepts, with live running queries as examples. With that, we have also created some quizzes to polish your MongoDB skills.

**Course Highlights**

27 lessons

1.5 hrs. video with live running examples

50+ examples

15 Quizzes to polish your skills after learning from the lessons


All the codes Uploaded

Who this course is for:

  • Database Beginners
  • Web Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Programmers

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