.NET Core Web API, Vue JS & Microsoft SQL Full-Stack Web App


  • basic html, css, javascript and c#


In this course, you will learn how to create a full stack web application from scratch using Microsoft SQL server for the database, .NET Core Web API for the backend, and Vue JS for the front end.

We will first install the necessary tools needed for the development.

And then start with creating the necessary tables in Microsoft SQL server, then create the Web API project with the required rest API end points. Finally we will use Vue JS for creating the front end.

> You will learn to create database tables in Microsoft SQL Server.

> Create ASP .NET Core Web API project and understand the project structure.

> Enable CORS and JSON serializer in the API project.

> Implement CRUD APIs in API project.

> Implement upload file API and store files in backend server.

> You will learn how to add routing for our app using vue router.

> Create bootstrap table and populate data by consuming the Rest APIs using axios.

> Use axios to consume the REST Apis.

> Add  bootstrap modal pop up windows with drop downs and date pickers.

> We will also learn how to upload an image and store it in the backend server.

> Learn to implement custom sorting and filtering features for the bootstrap table.

Who this course is for:

  • .net, backend developers, frontend developers, angular and react developers
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