Networking for Amazon’s AWS Cloud


  • If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to create a free Amazon AWS account.
  • It will help to have some familiarity with the basic concepts of virtual computing (remote login sessions, virtual instances, etc). Some experience with command line interfaces would also be useful.


The Amazon Web Services platform is a really big deal right now in the world of Internet connectivity, data management, and content delivery. Cloud computing is currently an industry that generates hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and thousands of enterprises – large and small – are hitching their wagons to Amazon’s mighty horse.

If you’re interested in bringing yourself up to speed on AWS’s ever-growing family of services, or if you’ve got a product or service you’d like to move to the cloud, this course can help. But this quick and focused set of videos won’t teach you everything you’ll need – that’s way too much for a project like this.

What Networking for Amazon’s AWS cloud will do, however, is guide you through this one absolutely critical piece of the puzzle.

The first video offers a general overview of the networking, security, reliability, and scalability considerations that contribute to the effective management of Amazon EC2 instances. The next three videos explore Virtual Private Clouds, which have become the primary structural framework for organizing and securing AWS resources. The final two lectures discuss using Route53 to control how your clients get to you, and CloudFront to precisely manage how your content gets to them.
There’s less than forty minutes of actual video in this course, but you probably won’t really absorb the material without trying it out for yourself using your own AWS account. If your account is still covered by Amazon’s introductory tier, then your experiments might not cost you anything but, depending on your skills, it will probably take a good few hours.

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Who this course is for:

  • If you’ve considered shifting your web services (a self-hosted WordPress site, for instance) to the cloud, but you’re a bit intimidated by the learning curve, we may be able to give you a hand.
  • Considering taking an AWS Solutions Architect certification exam? These videos will definitely help.
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