Oxford Diploma: Depression as portrayed in Cinema/theatre


  • Self awareness. By participating, you gain. If you don’t then this course offers little…
  • Patience! I ask questions and I hope you will have a go at answering.
  • Time. To do this course properly will take longer than just the playing time
  • Access to a pen and paper to take notes/jot down ideas
  • At least Beginner’s level English
  • An interest in films/theatre. There are many examples in this course


Note: This course does not qualify the recipient to perform any form of therapy or counseling for any other person

This short, updated (May 2021) course covers the following:

1. The stress of your children leaving home

2. Missing someone you love

3. War and depression

4. The death of a spouse

5. Can watching a film make you depressed?

6. War (in films) and depression

7. Suicide and depression

8. What if a family member has depression?

9. Crosswords and depression

10. Conflict resolution

11. Homelessness and depression

Throughout the course, homework is set – with links to Youtube videos, news articles and journals to help you answer the questions. In most lectures a film ( in which the Instructor appears) is used to illustrate the points made.

The more you participate the more you will get out of this course.

Others say:

“life changing experience. your efforts are really appreciable for all and creating this course.”

– Nisar Ali

“I think it is very interesting as it involves applying film to emotions.

– Tricia Bethel

“i am taking it for professional reasons. i hope to start at masters in counselling and psychotherapy for children, young adults and families in sept 2019. i hope this course will give me a taste of some of the issues i will learn about.”

Malka Gluck

So – Key Points to the Approach of this course

Three stages:

1. A topic is outlined

2. A film/film clip is included that illustrates some of the points made

3. You are then set homework/further research

Do all that and you’ll really enjoy the course – and get the Oxford Diploma!

Who this course is for:

  • People who like cinema
  • People who like theatre
  • People who want to help others avoid depression
  • People who want to escape depression
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