Personal Branding Ultimate Course: Skyrocket your Authority


  • The ability to use popular social media platforms, like Instagram or LinkedIn.


The labour market has gone crazy. Business competition is increasing dramatically. Advertising strategies are becoming more aggressive each day.

In a hyper competitive world, self-branding became a mandatory condition for success.


A good definition of Personal Branding is that it is “the conscious and intentional effort to influence the public perception of an individual”. 

And this is exactly why it is crucial to cultivate your Personal Brand: because your qualities need to be known and appreciated.

You want to be able to influence the public perception of yourself, increase your visibility, strengthen your crediblity, position yourself as an authority, and generate income from your personal brand.


In this complete course, Alessandro Principe will guide you through all the steps involved in designing, building and maintaining an effective Personal Brand – the ultimate solution for taking control of your public image and dominating the market.

All topics are discussed in depth, with concrete examples and exercies, plus free ressources and real-life advice that can be applied immediately to your activity.


After the completion of this course, you will be able to: 


  1. Clearly define your core values and your mission. Find the unique forces that make you irreplaceable.
  2. Enhance your visibility and your persuation skills.
  3. Define clear goals for your Personal Branding strategy.
  4. Cultivate and strengthen your credibility and authority as a professional.
  5. Understand the needs of your customers and create a Buyer Persona.
  6. Shape your image the way you want to be perceived by your clients.
  7. Prepare a Content Strategy and a Content Calendar for your social media.
  8. Position yourself as an expert in your domain.


You already are a great person and have a unique combination of skills and experiences that make you the best in what you do.

With the help of this course, you will tell the world about it, extend your network, grow your reputation and stand out in your professional circle as a great human being and a respected professional.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals willing to grow their online presence and influence.
  • Employees who want to generate more career opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs in need to increase awareness about their products and services.
  • Business owners looking to perfect the perception of their Brand.
  • Social Media Influencers who want to take full control of their content strategy.
  • Students and fresh graduates who want to jump start their career.
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