Photoshop Tutorial with 6 live projects


  • need Photoshop of any version or u will learn online Photoshop


In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn some basic to advance tool of Photoshop. It is free course so it has some limitation. Do not upload more then 2 hours video. So in Future I will try o add paid course  to step by step tutorial and add all detail and very advance tool added. Photoshop is very good Software for Graphic Design.  Photoshop is used for logo design, image editing, banner design, flyer design, Image manipulation and many more. After this course you will learn some basic to advance tool of Photoshop. It is beginners. Intermediate also watch it. Some advance tool also add in this tutorial. If you like my course please gave me 5  star rating.

First video is simple introduction video.

2nd video you will see image editing very interesting topic like add sky, add sun and rain effect in Photoshop.

3rd video you will learn basic logo design.

4th video also see 1 one topic of image editing.

5th video you will see thumbnail design for YouTube.

6th video you will see beautiful love art tutorial.

This course main feature you will see in this course:-

  • Image editing
  • Image editing 1 more part.
  • Add sky in simple image
  • Rain effect in Photoshop
  • Thumbnail design for YouTube
  • Love Art design in Photoshop.

Who this course is for:

  • beginners and some advance level students
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