Pivot Tables and Data Analysis


  • Basic knowledge of using spreadsheets/Excel
  • The course is fit for anyone who has the urge to learn applications of excel
  • No specific education background and work experience required


The course is an online course. It being one of the most interesting usage of excel you might be excited to learn to simplify your work and make it more interesting. The main course objective of this online training is to deliver the knowledge of advanced options in Microsoft excel that a user can apply to its routine tasks without using any coding or intense programming.

Following is the part of the Power excel training

Analyzing data to make business decisions,Troubleshooting and enhancing professional workbooks,Analyzing data with functions,Optimizing workbook models with “what-if” analysis,Summarizing business information,Formulating decisions from database information,Enhancing excel usage with macros.

Pivot Table is an influential method to analyze huge amount of data with huge number of variables. Through this course on Excel pivot table you will learn to summarize the data in an intelligent way by creating the Pivot tables. Further, you will learn in detail how Pivot Tables work and the structure that must be followed to create useful reports and charts.

This training is vital to gaining the most from this powerful feature of Excel. This course assumes that you have some basic concepts of Excel. This course is structured in a way to only focus on the most important elements of creating and working with Pivot tables. Pivot Table is a very useful and powerful method for Financial Analysts, Investment Bankers, Marketing Professionals, Team Leaders, students and professionals working with vast amount of data with different variables

Who this course is for:

  • Commerce students
  • Students from the business administration
  • Working professionals who go through the hectic working schedule of same repetitive work every day
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