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  • You need to have an intermediate level of skill with Excel and be comfortable with Data Analysis techniqes including Pivot Tables, SUMIF/COUNTIF formulas, sorting and filtering
  • Access to Excel 219 (365) or 2016, 213, 2010, 2007

If you have been wasting vast amounts of time at work trying to gather, fix and combine your Excel data before you’ve ever done any analysis and reporting, then let our resident Data expert show you how Power Query can transform the way you work!


Power Query is the No.1 Excel feature added in the last decade because it can help you get data from various sources, no matter what format it is and clean it all up for you with nothing more than a few clicks! Specifically, there are two ways Power Query saves you vast amounts of time:

  1. ​If you have reports that are frequently updated, then you just create a ‘Query’ from a source of data then all you need to do is press refresh every time you need to update, and Power Query will carry out all the little steps needed to clean up your data
  2. ​If you work with messy or unstructured data that consumes a lot of your time to clean up, then Power Query has some functions that instantly fix your data such as unpivoting, appending, joining and transposing to name a few

Power Query’s magic is in saving you from all the usual ways to clean up your Excel data that are far too time-consuming. But it’s not just Excel data you clean up, it’s any data from most Databases, SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint and so on.


This video course is taught by our in-house Data expert Ross Hughes who has over 30 years of experience working with Data in senior technical roles within major companies. In a few short hours of self-paced training, Ross will have you going through the full cycle of ‘Getting, Transforming and Refreshing’ your data, after which it will be ready for quick analysis and report.

Ross’ experience is priceless, he shows you how to harness Power Query like few can and having him, teaching you ‘over his shoulder’ is more than worth the price of the course.


You will learn all you need to know about Power Query to help you deal with difficult data challenges.

·       Introduction to getting data from various sources and cleaning it up

·       Rapidly transpose, pivot and un-pivot your data to make it useful

·       How you can quickly combine multiple data sets by appending and joining

·       Speed up your data queries with duplication and tweaking parameters

·       Troubleshoot your queries and set up auto-refreshing of your data

Who this course is for:
  • This is great for Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Analysts, MI Analysts, Project Managers, PMOs and even Accountants (Including Finance Partners & Financial Controllers)who deal with lots of complex data
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