Practical Mind Reading and Mentalism


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Learn about thought, transference, telepathy, mental-currents, mental rapport, etc. This course contains Practical Instructions, Exercises and Directions to start practising mind reading and mentalism.

Practical Mind Reading is a manual on how to read minds and develop telepathic powers, with a large number of experiments that can turn anyone who does them into an expert mind reader capable of being a public performer.

This course was created by William Walker Atkinson in 1907, and it is considered one of the best esoteric books of all time: “There is a method to learn to perform the feats of Mind Reading yourself. By means of a very little practice you will be able to reproduce many of the demonstrations of the public performers, as well as the experiments of the scientific societies, and then when you have realized that you can do these things you will need no further proof of the reality of the science of Mind Reading”.

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