Practical SAS Visual Analytics

What you’ll learn

  • As a student you will learn how to identify and fit trends in time forecasting charts
  • As a student you will be learning how to graphically validate classification machine learning models
  • Once you have covered the course you will have a new background on how to visualize data in SAS Visual Analytics
  • By the time you have finished this course you will have developed new trending skills on data analytics
  • Part of this course is to learn how to interpret data through charts


  • Basic background in statistics and charts


Practical SAS Visual Analytics is aimed to show examples of data visualization using SAS Visual Analytics, which is one of the leading software in the graphical analytics marketshare. To try this software requires no installation, no configuration and no previous experience. SAS Visual Analytics on SAS Viya is a cloud hosted proprietary software that requires a license to be used, since may 2019 you might be able to access it for free as an independent learner in SAS cloud servers. SAS Visual Analytics works on Linux Servers called LASR servers, it is compiled to handle massive amounts of data distributed across computer clusters. You can access to SAS VA through your web browser. The course will not have a theoretical approach to the statistical background of the charts exhibited along the videos but it it will be more a practical discussion on how-to carry out statistical charts.Who this course is for:

  • You should take this course if you have previous experience with data analysis
  • This course can be enrolled by students wanting to learn SAS Visual Analytics
  • This course is also made for people with prior data visualization experience
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