Practical Transfer Learning (Deep Learning)in Python


  • Basic Understanding of Python
  • Basic Understanding of Machine Learning Terms
  • Some Idea on CNN models

Don’t be Hero . as It is well said..

Let;s Enroll and utilize works of Hero for our problems.

Everyone can not do research like Yann Lecun or Andrew Ng. They are focused on improving machine learning algorithms for better world.

But as an individual and for industry, we are more concern with specific application and its accuracy.

Transfer Learning is the solution for many existing problems. Transfer learning uses existing knowledge of previously learned model to new frontier.

I will demonstrate code to do Transfer Learning in Image Classification.

Knowledge gain to recognize cycle and bike can be used to recognize car.

There are various ways we can achieve transfer learning. I will discuss Pre trained model, Fine tunning and feature extraction techniques.

Once again. Let’s not be Hero . and enroll in this course.

Who this course is for:
  • Deep Learning Enthusiastic
  • Anyone who want to jump start Machine Learning
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