Python for Mathematics:For High School & Engineering Student



  • This is absolute beginner course, and basic understanding of Mathematics will help.

In this tutorial, We will learn the basics of Python and then we will learn to solve various mathematical problems in python. We will learn about: Functions & Plotting graphs, Simplification and Expansion, Matrices- Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Determinant Algebra- Simplification, Expansion, Factorization, Calculus – Limits, Derivatives, Integration, Double Integration, Triple Integration, Series and Expansion, Differential Equation, First Order Differential Equation & Second Order Differential Equation.


Understand the basics of Python

Introduce to different libraries of python

Solve your mathematical problems with python.

To motivate you to learn Python further

Targeted Audience

Absolute Beginner of Python

High School Students

Engineering Students

Mathematics & Python Lovers

This course is targeted to everyone who wants to kick-off their journey with python including high school students, engineering students, and all the mathematics and programming lovers. I am sure you will be motivated to excel programming by the end of course.

Who this course is for:
  • High School Students, Engineering Students, Mathematics , Programming and Data Scientist Aspirants
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