Python programming Bible – From Beginner to Advanced


Table of Contents


  • Enthusiasm to learn the python programming and willingness to devote time for python learning
  • A computer with internet connection. Steps are provided for python installation and program execution.
  • Basic understanding about computer programming language.


Python programming bible course is divided into 8 modules that covers the python programming with theory and practical examples.  This is lectures series of python programming from beginner to advanced topics.  Jupyter files and PPT files used in this lecture have been uploaded.

In addition to theory and handson, 230+ assignment and interview question with answers will prepare student for any interview.

Following are the module in the course :

– Python Introduction & History

– Installation & Program Execution

– Python Data Types and processing

– Python Statement

– Python Function

– Python Module and Module Package

– Class and OOPs concepts

– Exception handling

Python Introduction & History

The course starts with basic python introduction and history of python. It also answers basic question on why we should learn python when there are so many programming languages available in the market. It also delves into what can be done in python and what are the areas where python does not score very well.

Installation and Program Execution

This module covers details about the python installation using anaconda package and steps of python program execution. The python programmer will be able to write their first “hello world” program in python using Jupyter editor and Python shell.

Python Data Types and processing

This covers python built-in object types like Numbers- integer, float, complex number, String etc. It also covers  details on list, tuple, dictionary, set and file operations that can be done in python. Dynamic typing concept is investigated here that is fundamentally different from other programming language.

Python Statement

This module covers basic IF, WHILE and FOR loop that is at the heart of python compound statement. We will also go through print, range, zip, enumerate function that is provided by python for looping operations.Iteration and Comprehension is also covered here to traverse the container object in faster and efficient way.

Python Function

Python function is natural progression after the study of python statement. In this module we will go through the details of various function, nested function and various types of variables like global, local and non-local. We will also go through the details about a function that takes one or multiple input and how it returns one and multiple outputs. We will also go through the advance concept like lambda function, map, filter & reduce concepts and generator & extended generator concepts.

Python Module and Module Package

This module explains module coding  and module package. It covers the concept about how and when to use IMPORT, FROM and RELOAD commands.

Python Class and OOPs

This module starts with basic introduction of Class and object oriented programming in python. It also includes concept of inheritance, abstract class and operator overloading with theory and  practical examples.

Python Exception handling

This is last module of this course that covers the concepts of exception handling framework in python. We will go through the usage of TRY, EXCEPT, ELSE, FINALLY, RAISE and ASSERT examples. We will also see how to use nested exception handling and how and why to use class hierarchy in exception handling.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn python from scratch
  • Anyone who wants to take their python programming knowledge to next level with theory and hands-on practice examples.
  • Anyone who would like to learn by practice with 230+ assignment question.
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