Python Programming Complete Beginners Course Bootcamp


  • This course DOES NOT require any prior knowledge. Python will by learned from ZERO
  • NO previous Python or general coding experience is needed


This course is for students that are not familiar with Python at all, NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is required.
And as well as for experienced programmers who are familiar with other languages, but are wishing to know Python as well.

If you are interested in becoming a Python Ninja, this course will provide you the right set of tools to program in Python as real professionals.

The course brings all core topics of Python in an perfectly ordered structured way, and as such, all topics will be broken down into these 4 parts:

  1. Theory lecture
  2. Example in code lecture
  3. Homework – Going over the assignments
  4. Homework – Resolving the assignments

Course’s Unique Approach:

1) The Course Is Based On Python Standard Coding Conventions:
‘Python Coding Conventions’ are a set of global rules of coding structure, that will be discussed deeply for each topic during the course, which will make the difference between ‘Medium’ and ‘Professional’ programmer. Naming Conventions is an important subtopic that is rarely discussed in online courses, but can easily be fail you in job interviews.

2) High Focus On Examples And Homework Across The Course:
This course is focused on what I was missing, back in the days when I took my Python Online course, EXAMPLES.
The course will bring you over 500 examples, and challenging homework assignments for each topic.
Compare your answers to instructor’s attached source coe at the end of every ‘practice’ session.

3) High Focus On Independent Programming –  Observation On Every Possible Angle For Each Topic:
You will get lots of examples for each topic & sub-topic so don’t be surprised if you can handle complicated assignments in programming once you complete this course. During the homework, In some cases the students will be guided to look the answers in Google and Stack-overflow, an important skill that every professional programmer should have.

The Lecturer of the course, Dmitry, is an experienced Team Leader from the IT / Fintech industry.
Join and be a part of the future, learn all Pythons core topics and become a Python Ninja.

Course’s Syllabus is the following :

  1. Installations of PyCharm – Most popular IDE (Where we write our code)
  2. Installations of Python , step-by-step configurations
  3. Variables – Strings
  4. Variables – String Formatting
  5. Variables – Integers
  6. Variables – Float
  7. Comparison Operators & Boolean Variables
  8. Collections – List
  9. Collections – Dictionary
  10. Collections – Set
  11. Collections – Tuple
  12. Conditions – ‘If’ and ‘Else’ Statements
  13. Loops – While
  14. Loops – For
  15. Objects Oriented Programming – Method
  16. Objects Oriented Programming  – Classes
  17. Objects Oriented Programming – Inheritance
  18. Exception Handling – Try / Exception
  19. Exception Handling – Types Of Exceptions
  20. Version Control – Github

    *** The recommended resolution to watch course’s videos is 1080 HD ***

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Who this course is for:

  • People without knowledge in Python at all
  • People who wish to be come Python Developers
  • People who would like to get coding skills to upgrade their job positioning
  • People that love step-by-step easy explantations
  • Anyone that is interested in Python programming and haven’t got the chance to write a single line of code
  • Anyone looking to scale up their skills and master a new programming language
  • Programmers who are familiar with other programming languages, but want to get stronger in Python
  • Anyone that want to become a Python-Ninja, without any prior knowledge
  • People who love to study hard & practice to get results
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