Report Writing: Learn To Write An Analytical Business Report


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At work, you may be tasked with writing either an informational or an analytical report. This is a lengthy document which requires some professionalism in how it’s written, the content in it, its formatting, and the ultimate usefulness of the information it contains.

It’s difficult to get all these elements right at the same time, but now with this course, you will be able to write and accurate and well-researched report in relatively little time, and without worrying whether you are on the right track.

Imagine your boss at work tells you to write an analytical report about some topic. The first reaction may be pure panic. How do you write one? What does the boss want in the report? How long should it be? Does it need graphs and charts? These are just a few of the questions that might run through your mind in the first few seconds.

This course will walk you through how to answer each of these questions for your unique situation. It will immediately decrease your panic and stress levels, and you will be able to write a professional report section by section as you are following each video in this course.


This course will show you how to write an analytical report. It’s very similar to writing an informational report with just a few extra sections. So even though the example in the course will be an analytical report, you would also be able to write an informational report with the guidance of this course.

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