SDLC and Gating for Testing Professionals

The SDLC and Gating for Testing Professionals course is geared towards software testing professionals at the beginner and intermediate levels who want advance their understanding of the software development lifecycle. Test Analysts, Test Leads and Test Managers will gain an understanding of the Testing Artifacts required at each phase of the SDLC and the Gating criteria that applies to the testing activities and the testing artifacts for each phase.

The course is presented as a slide presentation with embedded video to guide you and provide additional content. The course is approximately one hour in length.

The course is divided into three main sections, each one presenting the material for each phase of the SDLC individually. The first section presents an overview of each SDLC phase and the main project activities that occur within that phase. This discussion is not limited to the testing activities, but give a more general overview of each phase. The second section gives a comprehensive look at the specific testing artifacts required at each individual phase of the SDLC. The third section presents the gating criteria for each SDLC phase as it pertains to the testing activities and testing artifacts.

This course is designed for software testing professionals as a practical guide and tool to apply to their current and future projects. The slides can be used as job aids for listing testing artifacts by SDLC phase and for gating criteria by SDLC phase.

Previous SDLC or Gating knowledge is not required. If you are a Test Lead or Test Manager who is very familiar with the SDLC and Gating, this may not be the right course for you. This course is geared towards Software Testing Professionals so may not be as useful for people outside of testing.

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