SelectorsHub Tutorial- A Free Next Gen XPath & Locators tool


~ Learn to how to use SelectorsHub and be a SelectorsHub expert ~

This course will help you to learn all about SelectorsHub. You will learn about XPath writing, cssSelector writing and different concepts of handling web elements. It will help you to learn how to handle iframe, nested iframes, shadow dom, nested shadow dom and svg elements.

You will also learn how to write and generate xpath & selectors for dynamic dropdown and submenu options. This course will help you to learn all the features of SelectorsHub in details like smart editor, error handling, shadow dom, iframe, svg, multi xpath generation etc.

This is a must a have course for every automation tester. It will help you to learn all about xpath, selectors, css selectors, web elements and DOM.

Every selenium, cypress, webdriverIO, protractor and playwright user should take this course.

It will help you to increate the productivity.

This course will help you to learn the fundamental concepts of XPath & selectors.

You will also learn about the misconceptions of XPath & selectors which people have about browser devtools.

SelectorsHub Features:

  • Smart editor which auto suggest all possible XPath & selectors functions along with their occurrences while typing.
  • Generate all types of possible selectors for inspected element in single click.
  • Error handling. It gives the proper error message like what is wrong in your xpath and cssSelector.
  • Supports iframe and nested iframes.
  • Supports shadow dom and nested shadow dom.
  • Support SVG elements.
  • Gives proper information about what kind of the inspected element it is like svg etc.
  • Debugger feature to inspect dynamic web element like dropdown menu options.
  • Feature to copy selectors value direct from right click context menu on the web element, no need to open SelectorsHub tab.
  • Feature to customise contextMenu.
  • Generate case insensitive selectors.
  • Generate Multiple XPath & selectors in single go.
  • Gives complete script to handle shadow DOM elements.
  • Save the XPath & selector value in SelectorsHub.
  • Feature to disable and enable SelectorsHub in contextMenu.
  • It generates robust unique relative cssSelector and XPath.
  • Generate the index based xpath in auto suggest.
  • Feature to generate selectors with the desired attribute.
  • Feature to generate selectors with driver command.
  • Option to Customise the UI as users need.
  • All the config will be saves in local so next time when user open it, it open with user’s configs.
  • To copy the Selector’s value, just click on the Selector’s Header. For example to copy Rel XPath, click on Rel XPath.
  • To edit Selector’s value, just click on selector’s value, it will put the value in box where you can edit it and verify.

Who this course is for:

  • Test Automation engineer who want to create better and easier to maintain locators
  • All selenium, cypress, WebDriverIO, Playwright, JS users.
  • All automation testers who want to write automation script efficiently and smartly.
  • Test Automation engineer who want to learn XPath concepts from scratch with realtime scenarios.
  • All Cypress users.
  • All WebDriverIO users.
  • All Playwright users
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