SMS Marketing (A to Z) with Free Softwares | Text Messages

Table of Contents


  • Basic knowledge of Computer.
  • Downloading and Installation of softwares on PC. All steps have been explained in relevant sections.
  • Must have Personal Computer with minimum 4 GB RAM and WIndows-10 Should be installed on it
  • Must have Smart phone with minimum android 4.0 version.


SMS marketing is the sub Part of the Digital marketing. In todays era, the Digital marketing has become a most powerful tool for market any product or service. But still SMS Sender Softwares along with Bulk SMS Sender Softwares are still being used as compared to attractive and powerful features of other platforms of social media, the SMS Market still exists and has covered a wider community due to it’s unique feature, non rely on the internet in one from these.

In this particular course the features i.e. Marketing, Bulk SMS messaging and SMS Gateway will be covered along with SMS Sender Software.

In this Course the students will learn SMS Marketing from the scratch to the expert level. Following are key points of the SMS Marketing Course:-

1. Theoretical Portion is elborated through Whiteboard Animations, so that students and comprehend easily.

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