Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses seems good

Are you aware that 86% of individuals would prefer watching more videos from brands, while 64% of customers prefer to buy a product or service by watching branded videos?

Well, believe it or not, people have already shared their preferences. 

So, if you are looking for some professional tips to ace the video marketing game using a professional video editor, these tips are for you: 

We did some digging and found out that – You only have 2.7 seconds to grab the attention of your potential audience.

So, there is no time to waste. Therefore, your video must be brief and timely. The initial segment can be fascinating, extremely humorous or even startling enough for the viewer to continue watching, while at the end, your video can answer or provide a solution to the issue addressed in the video. The easy way to ensure such an engaging video is to plan your video. 

As a small business, you must be offering specific products and services to your customers. You need to plan out how exactly you can make the world know about your services. It can be through storytelling, or a teaser video of your next product launch, or anything else. Whatever you offer, you must ensure that you plan your video early on. 

  • Demonstrate rather than tell

The whole game of video marketing for businesses is based on how you interact with your customers. Are you even considering them, or are you simply coming up with videos of your own choice?

For any business, the customer base is everything. Therefore when you decide to come up with a video, make sure you demonstrate your product to your customer, rather than simply reading out from the script. Tell them who you are, what you do, what products and services you offer, and if there is any sale or scheme currently operating, make sure to inform your customers about it. 

Be completely open and honest with your audience about what it is that you will be able to offer them. Instead of bragging, show them why you are the best. You can use customer testimonials to back up your claims. Anything that helps to establish your brand’s reputation will be effective to support your business.

  • Make use of keywords

Apart from the SEO practices, using keywords in your video helps the potential audience to know that your video is related to what they are looking for. Keywords allow the viewer to understand the scope of the content covered in the video. Moreover, it helps to bring in new potential customers when they search through the keywords on their search engines. Therefore, always create a coherent transcript that incorporates your desired keywords. 

You should use natural keywords because forced keywords can be a turn-off for the viewers. You can use the keyword in tags, titles, and descriptions, as follows: 


  • It should give the context of the video
  • It should include keywords related to the video in the most natural language
  • It should create curiosity


  • Make use of tags to create a brief of the video
  • Tags should be relevant 
  • Use both specific and general tags, including keywords
  • Optimize them to a limit of 270- characters


  • Use keywords in the initial explanation of your video
  • Use keywords in the description of your video which are in line with the platform. For example, using detailed descriptions on YouTube helps in better understanding your video
  • Concentrate on video quality

Nobody wants to start their campaign with an average video, right? Exactly! 

Today we already have all these sophisticated cameras using which we can shoot videos in 4K, colour correct mode, and so on. Hence, it is important to focus on your video quality. Your video quality will significantly affect the way your customers perceive your brand, so make sure that the quality of your film is perfect, otherwise, your campaign will end up harming your brand rather than promoting it.

Video quality is not confined to the shooting processes only. It also includes the editing that comes afterwards. You might have used a high-end smartphone to shoot quality videos, but with their terrible transition effects, you will have to face a backlash. This makes it necessary that you use a professional video editor for smooth transitions and effects to save the image of your brand. 

  1. Optimize for all displays

We recently found out that 75% of people watch videos horizontally, while only 25% of people prefer watching them vertically.

Therefore, now you have to make sure you are optimizing your video for all screens. In addition to that, you should also focus on using a large and clear font that is easy to read. After all, nothing is more annoying than reading tiny print while watching a video. 

If you are coming up with an overview of your product in a video, make sure to use several close-up photos of it from different angles. Moreover, you add how the product functions, the best practices for using it, and its USPs in your video and its captions. This ensures that when a viewer has lost the time to see what is going on the screen or cannot play the video along with its audio, they can read the captions to understand everything. 

Regardless of your business type and size, social media video marketing is for all. Therefore, to ensure that you are playing it right. We have mentioned below are some of the Dos and Don’ts of video marketing for you:

Do’s of video marketing.

  • Do share genuine content as per customers’ requirements
  • Do adapt your strategy to your objectives 
  • Do create personalized videos for your potential audience
  • Do include a call to action
  • Do include customer testimonials
  • Do stay relevant and to the point throughout the video

Don’ts of video marketing

  • Don’t fix your video marketing strategy; keep customizing it
  • Don’t create a video just to become viral
  • Don’t make assumptions about your customers
  • Don’t ignore customer feedback
  • Don’t just post a video; try to engage with the people interacting through comments on it


Social media video marketing is for everyone, be it a big or a small business. How you make it work for you is what the game is all about, so make sure you have something humorous or emotional that clicks with the audience. Remember, the best way is to be completely open and honest with your customers. 


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