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  • Students should be able to read proficiently in their native language and in English. Though these skills can be applied to any language, the provided materials will be in English.
  • Willingness to push yourself, break old habits, and a burning desire to succeed
  • Students with visual or learning disabilities: please contact the instructors before purchasing the course, so that we can ensure your utmost success.


Tony Buzan Grand Master Trainer will Teach you Speed Reading Memory Techniques Mind Map. After teaching 100.000 Hundrends student.

After over 100.000 satisfied students in worldwide, Tony Buzan taught this techniques to trainers, and some of trainers with their experience, now Grand Master Trainer. And you will learn speed reading, memory techniques, mind maps with his strategy.

If you like this course, and tell me on your comments what you live, please also right your e-mail and i will create and account for you on Speedymemory speed reading software and it will help you to boost your reading with software exercise. It is $99, i will give you FREE!


We spend a lot more time reading than we realize. From articles to memos to memes, the words just keep coming. Reading is a skill just like any other – one that can be strengthened and sharpened over time.

The school never taught you HOW to learn – only what to learn. But our world is changing fast…and what you learned 25 years ago might not be relevant today.

Here’s the good news: you can learn how to learn, especially READING. And it’s never too late to learn this skill so that you are better equipped to survive, thrive, and succeed in the modern world.

Speedymemory helps you improve the four key elements of reading: speed, focus, comprehension, and retention. Once you streamline this major part of your workload, you’ll discover you have more hours in the day.

Speedymemory works to double or triple your reading speed so you can save one hour per day. (That’s 365 hours per year!) What you do with your extra time is up to you. Finally start reading War and Peace, perhaps?

This is the same program I’ve taught (and perfected over the last 25 years) to celebrities, executives, entrepreneurs, and students around the world to help them triple their reading speed.

Gain a competitive edge over your peers by boosting your reading ability. Trust us: this new skill will not go unnoticed

I believe in you, and I believe in this program. I look forward to being your reading coach!

If you higher than 9 years old. You can learn and use it in your life.

  • Anything 2 to 3X faster (And make it “stick” in your mind).
  • Spend less time reading.
  • Daily exercise to dramatically improve your reading ability and habit.
  • Any information 200 – 300% faster.
  • Your learning speed by 2x or 3x.
  • Your confidence as you maximize your success in every area of life.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has ever wished they could learn more effectively
  • People who love to learn
  • Hobbyists
  • Students
  • Professionals
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