SQL for Data Analysis – with SQL Server



  • Basic computer literacy
  • An installation of Windows 10 or later

If you spend a lot of time extracting, transforming, or analyzing data from databases, – or you’re aiming for one of the many highly paid career paths that rely heavily on this skill – then this course is for you.

Learning to query databases with SQL is a substantial part of highly paid careers such as Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Analyst, but also provides a strong foundation for even more exotic roles like that of a Data Scientist. Experienced Data Scientists will tell you that the majority of their time isn’t spent tuning machine learning algorithms, but rather preparing and cleaning data for use by those algorithms – something SQL does exceptionally well.

In this course, I have tried to avoid simply regurgitating an encyclopedia of facts about SQL, an approach that is all too common in introductory books and courses on programming. Instead, I carefully curated certain concepts and techniques that I have found to provide the most “bang for your buck” over my decade of experience as a data professional.

This enabled me to condense a complete course on SQL into just 36 instructional videos, averaging less than 10 minutes in length. So if you can commit to a video a day, in just over one month you’ll have added an extremely valuable and lucrative skill to your arsenal (and just as importantly, your resume!).

And to make sure all that knowledge sticks, I’ve included exercises…LOTS of exercises. Unlike most courses, which only feature sporadic opportunities to practice what you’ve learned, this course has practice problems after almost every video – so you can reinforce concepts right away.

Take it from someone who has built their career almost entirely on self-taught technical skills: it’s worth the effort. Several recent surveys have shown that SQL is actually the MOST in-demand tech skill sought after by recruiters!

In short, learning SQL can change your life, if you put in the work Let me be your guide to this next step in your career – I think you’ll find the journey a lot less daunting, and maybe even a little more fun, than you would have ever expected.

Who this course is for:
  • Aspiring Data Analysts or Business Intelligence Analysts looking to break into these fields by learning SQL
  • Data Scientists trying to improve their data cleaning and transformation skills by learning SQL
  • Non-technical business professionals such as business analysts and project managers trying to gain a better understanding of the technical domains they interact with
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