Start Ethical Hacking with Parrot Security OS (Alt. to Kali)


  • No prior Linux, programming or hacking knowledge required
  • A Computer with Internet connection
  • Passionate curiosity for learning (is a must)
  • Basic IT Skills (is plus to have)


This is a crash course to give you a firm understanding of the whole Ethical Hacking world, what technics and tools are used, and what kind of work awaits you if you shift your career to the cybersecurity field.

This is an abstract of our +40 hours masterclass called “Applied Ethical Hacking and Rules of Engagement”.

You can do the whole tutorial using another flavor of Linux, preferably a security-enhanced Linux such as Kali Linux or BlackArch.

Here is a breakdown of this crash course:

  • Introduction
  • Setup Virtualization Tech
  • Terminal productivity
  • Install Attacker OS: Parrot Security OS | Kali Linux
  • Install Victim OS: Metasploitable3 | Windows Server | Ubuntu Linux | HackTheBox
  • Reconnaissance: targets, names | IP address scopes | technologies, etc.
  • Service Scanning using NMAP
  • Vulnerability Scanning: Rapid7 Nexpose | Nessus | OpenVAS
  • Exploitation: Metasploit | searchsploit or GitHub
  • Red-Teaming concepts and tools: Empire3 | Cobalt Strike

The outcome of this crash course is to understand clearly what ethical hacking and penetration testing are and if you would like to shift to this field. This course is 100% practical and hands-on. All you require to finish it is a computer and internet connection.

All the software used in the course are free to use for educational purposes or 100 percent open source.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to start his career in ethical hacking, penetration testing and cyber security
  • Anyone who would like to have a basic understanding of ethical hacking world
  • Linux lovers, especially security enhanced distros
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