Street Portraits and Editing in Adobe Bridge


  • Solid understanding of the photographic camera


This course is split into two connected parts. In the first part on street portraiture you will learn how different photographers use street portraits in their work. You will be asked to do some independent research and learn how a workbook can drive creative development of the project. After you complete your research, you will be set an assignment to shoot a series of street portraits and edit your shoot down to just ten images.

The second part looks at the Adobe Bridge, an often overlooked yet very powerful and useful tool for editing. You will take the images you produced in the first part of the course, and learn a range of techniques that can make your editing process more efficient and productive, and some other useful features such as slideshows or creation of contact sheets or picture packages. Apart from looking at the application itself, we will also discuss some techniques you can use to help you decide which images to keep in your final edit.

By the end of the course you will put your camera skills to practice, and will learn how to research, plan, shoot, develop, edit, as well as sequence, a self-initiated photographic project.

Who this course is for:

  • People who wish to start practicing photography at a more advanced level
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