Project with laravel: pizza ordering web application

make a pizza ordering system with laravel

Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced

Become a Computer Programmer by Learning Core Java Skills

Practical Python Course: Build Real World Projects

Learn Python By Doing: Build Real World Projects With Python !!

List of 08 Premium Free Web Development Courses

Udemy Free Web Development Courses from YouAccel Training

The Full Stack Web Development (Premium)

Become a complete developer by learning front-end and back-end technologies in this Full Stack Web Developer…

(Premium) Data Science and Engineering E-Degree

Build your career in Data Science using tools like Python, Excel, R, Tableau, MySQL, PySpark and…

BEST of Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads 2021 ULTIMATE PRO Edition

Profit with Facebook Ads: 2020's Most Powerful FAST LEARN Facebook & Instagram Ads Course

Data Science: NLP and Sentimental Analysis in R

Learn Natural Language Processing and Sentimental Analysis using "The Big Bang Theory" show script in R.

Network Programming Masterclass™:Java Socket, TCP/IP, Server

Learn Java Network Programming,Java NIO, Java TCP/IP, Java Network Programming Training

Practical Web Development: 22 Courses in 1

Learn PHP, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, Python, JavaScript, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, WordPress and more. With practical…

Natural Language Processing Real-World Projects in Python

Solve 3 real Business Problems. Build Robust AI, NLP models for Sentiment, Security & Stock News…

(Premium) – Learn Machine Learning By Building Projects

Learn to build real world machine learning solutions across different verticals. Master professional machine learning.

Python For Beginners Course In-Depth

This course is a depth introduction to both fundamental python programming concepts and the Python programming…

List of 09 Free IT and Software Courses

Premium Udemy Courses for FREE

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