Technology for Online Teaching: A Guide for Educators



  • You will need a computer
  • You will need a webcam

Students today are actively engaged with online media in their everyday lives. This course has been designed to help educators use commonly available technology tools to enhance teaching capabilities with blended and online learning. Online learning is allowing students to access their teachers and course materials more easily than ever before. Teachers are now able to take on more work as a mentor and guide for students who are able to interact with online materials at their own pace.

Blended learning environments are providing students with transferable skills they can leverage in the real world which include problem-solving and the ability to take research into their own hands. Learning management systems are now allowing students to engage with educational materials in the same way they engage online media. From an educational perspective, this allows students the opportunity to have multiple-starts with materials that they can learn at their own pace. Educational organizations can now take advantage of the same customized experiences students are used to online which include recommendation engines and personalization.

While the benefits are great, it can be intimidating for any educator moving from a face-to-face classroom environment to an online technology environment. Educators face a paradigm shift where learners are taking greater responsibility for directing their own learning which is an opportunity to guide students and build environments conducive to learning. As faculty roles shift, students learn too is shifting to become more relevant. Education assessment can now be done on a continuous basis and incorporate community input. Educators can get instant assessment feedback and

Who this course is for:
  • Educators – Who want to create engaging content for their online learning courses
  • Administrators – Who want to learn about educational & instructional technology to help guide their co-workers
  • Beginners – Great for teachers who are new to technology. If you are brand new to this, no worries, this course will assume that you have no prior knowledge of these instructional technology tools
  • Tech-Savvy Teachers – Tech savvy teachers can take this course and learn some new exciting time saving tricks.
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