The CANVA Masterclass: Design, Collaborate, Share With CANVA


  • Your own computer and good internet access.
  • You Must Understand English.
  • You must have a Udemy student account.


Welcome to the CANVA Masterclass: Design, Collaborate, & Share With Canva!

ATTENTION SOLOPRENEURS: Do You Want To Know How to Create Graphics That Make Your Community Sit Up and Take Notice Of What You Are Delivering? And by Using A Free Tool? Are You Ready to take your business to the next level with these professional-looking Graphics that will make your “community” of customers and contacts sit up and take notice of the message that you are wanting the world to see?

With professional-looking graphics and visual content for your business, you can unleash your brand’s creative side. A fully immersive no judgment world where there’s an audience for every “picture” you create.

No matter how big or small your business, no matter what you’re making or selling, your brand deserves to be discovered.”

“You Can Now “Go Online and Quickly Generate Interest in your Market Place” Using One Of The Best “Graphic” Creation Tools Available today! ” And you can do it for FREE!

Would you like to learn how to do this? And would you like to know how you can earn thousands of dollars in sales by drawing in a diverse community of “buyers” by having them sit up and take notice of your message? If you answered “Yes”, then this course is for you!

“In Sixty to Ninety Minutes, You’ll Be Using CANVA to generate Customers and Leads through the use of “Your Imagination and Your Creativity!”

In this Course, You’ll Use the Free Version of CANVA to do just this.

Why should you take this masterclass?

Because you learn everything you need to know to be an expert in creating professional-looking graphics that capture your audience as they sit up and are drawn into your message, by your graphics creations. And, you do that after an hour or 2 of learning. Here is why you need to be an expert with CANVA:

First of all a few insights into CANVA”

1. Founded in 2012, Canva is an Australian-based graphic design platform that allows you to quickly and effortlessly put together design collateral such as, social media graphics, portfolios, presentations, newsletters, posters, brochures, menus & more!

2. This platform is available on both desktop and mobile and features a large bank of dynamic imagery, hundreds of templates, colors, fonts, illustrations, GIFs, and graphics.

3. Canva can effortlessly amp up your content and can help impress your clients, execute on the brand vision, and help garner brand awareness.

4. Canva can harness the power of social media with the quality of good content marketing.

5. And, Canva is very easy to use!

You need to be creating “Graphics” and here is Why you need to take the CANVA Masterclass Today!

1. When you design, collaborate and share with Canva, you can create, and monetize your message—all for free.

2. This software platform has 250,000+ free templates.

3. The software platform has 100+ design types free (social media posts, presentations, letters, and more)

4. Canva has Hundreds of thousands of photos and graphicscompletely free, forever.

5. Canva gives you the ability to create teams, invite team members, and then collaborate within the team in “real-time.”

6. And, finally, Canva gives you 5GB of cloud storage

This is why you need to take this MasterClass!

What exactly are you going to gain from this masterclass?

Our masterclass starts out by teaching you everything you need to be up and running with this amazing Free Graphics Creation tool. You will learn, through a series of over-the-shoulder step-by-step video courses, in our Basic segment of the course, the following:

· Setting Up Your Account

· The Canva Profile-and-Settings

· The Canva Brand-Kit & Upgrade

· Inviting Team Members

· Canva Templates and Designs

· Designing Graphics From Scratch

· Sharing Canva Content

· Editing Canva Designs and Elements

· Output of Canva Direct to Social Media

· Canva Content Output to Presentations

· And so much MORE!

You will learn, through a series of over-the-shoulder step-by-step video courses, in our Advanced segment of the CANVA course, the following:

· Sharing Canva Content

· Editing Canva Designs and Elements

· Live Example – Output of Canva Direct to Facebook Events

· Live Example – Output of Canva Direct to Instagram

· Live Example – Output of Canva Direct to Twitter

· Live Example – Output of Canva Direct to your Web Site

· Live Example – Output of Canva Direct to a PowerPoint Presentation

· Canva Content Output to T-Shirt Generation

· And so much MORE!

Now, if you’re like most people, you’re going to be super excited about what you’re about to learn about turning all your ideas into amazing Professional-looking Graphic Creations!

At the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge and understanding to begin working with this amazing tool, called CANVA.

This is an A-Z guide – the complete course on CANVA.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to attract members/traffic to your “community” through Professional Looking Graphics, that cause your customers to sit-up and take notice.
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