The Complete Persian Language Course with Weekly Meeting


  • No Previous Experience Necessary!
  • Willingness to Learn ūüôā


The Complete¬†Persian Language¬†Course¬†Farsi¬†Course with Weekly Meeting: Learn¬†Farsi¬†– Learn¬†Persian¬†–¬†Farsi¬†Language TPRS Method, Audio Submissions, Story by Native &¬†Live Weekly Meeting

The Weekly Meeting Time On Each Thursdays

  • India : 4:00pm
  • Brisbane: 8:30pm
  • Sri Lanka: 4:00pm
  • New York: 6:30am
  • Turkey: 1:30pm
  • Philippines: 6:30pm
  • Pakistan: 3:30pm
  • Mexico: 5:30pm
  • Spain: 12:30pm
  • If your country is not listed above, please Google (4:00 PM IST¬†to YOUR COUNTRY NAME)

Persian is a pluricentric language predominantly spoken and used officially within Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan in three mutually intelligible standard varieties, namely Iranian Persian, Dari Persian (officially named Dari since 1958), and Tajiki Persian (officially named Tajik since the Soviet era). It is also spoken natively in the Tajik variety by a significant population within Uzbekistan, as well as within other regions with a Persianate history in the cultural sphere of Greater Iran. It is written officially within Iran and Afghanistan in the Persian alphabet, a derivation of the Arabic script, and within Tajikistan in the Tajik alphabet, a derivation of Cyrillic.

In this class, I do my best to provide you every service so you learn and speak Persian effortlessly. I will use these methods for teaching:

  • Weekly live meeting teaching starting with beginners level to advanced. I¬†also practice with you. In meantime, you find friends and talk with them.
  • Teaching you storytelling based on the TPRS method. This is how you learn Persian speaking from me. And you practice through video.
  • I¬†give you feedback on your speaking. You record your audio each week. You read the story I¬†provided for you. then I¬†will check it out and give you feedback.
  • Inspiring you to learn more and learn the technique of learning in language learning
  • Real-time support. You have my support by Udemy, Messaging app, and email… So don’t hesitate to question me.


  1. Watch the action word, story conversation, success lecture of one section at least for 3 days or more
  2. Listen to me at the sections and answer out loud to learn profoundly and remove hesitation.
  3. Do a listening activity of each section
  4. Join the weekly meeting to really experience real Persian
  5. Take an assignment on your Google Classroom

By working through the system we have, you will master Persian speaking, speak confidently. You will also learn English Grammar and English Vocabulary naturally.

So don’t hesitate anymore,

Join us now to make new experiences with The Complete Persian Language Course with Weekly Meeting today!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Mentors
  • Employee
  • IT
  • CEO
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