The Lean Startup: Best course on Entrepreneurship


The Lean Startup Course will help you understand everything that you need to know about building a lean startup. It will give you insight into building prototypes, Business model canvas, building Minimum viable products, Pitch deck, and Fundraising and support your team-building and expansion strategy in a startup.

The course outline is given below:-

1. Introduction to The Lean Startup
a. Startup basics Intro
b. Startup Road Map
c. Product execution road map
d. Reasons Why Startup fail – Research Study
e. Why government supports the startup?

2. Legal Structure of Startup
a.Types of startup
b. Origin of a startup
c. Sole proprietorship for Small Business
d. Partnership firm for medium business
e. Corporation Legal Structure for the Startup
f. Small business Vs tech startup

3. Startup idea generation
a. Business Model Canvas
b. Billion-dollar ideas
c. How to Think of Startup ideas
d. Delta four theory to validate ideas
e. Solving Million dollar Problem Part 1
f. Solving Million dollar Problem Part 2

4. Idea to product
a. Idea to product Intro
b. How to build a prototype
c. 3H strategy for Building Dream Team

5. Startup Business Model
a. Introduction to Platform Business
b. Uber business model
c. Amazon business model
d. Google Business Model
e. Facebook Business Model
f. Fintech Business Model
g. Freemium Business Model
h. Understanding SAAS (Software as a service)

6 Startup Pitch deck for fundraising

a. Cover Page/Introduction slide in the pitch deck
b. Problem slide in the pitch deck
3. Solution slide in the pitch deck
4. Product demo slide in the pitch deck
5. Market size slide in the pitch deck
6. Business model slide in the pitch deck
7. Competition slide in the pitch deck
8. Underlying magic slide in the pitch deck
9. Go-to-Market slide in the pitch deck
10. Team slide in the pitch deck
11. Traction/Milestones slide in the pitch deck

7. Startup Growth Metrics
a. What Makes Startup Successful
b. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
c. Customer Lifetime Value
d. Monthly reoccurring revenue
e. Unit Economics for Startup
f. Contribution Margin for Startup
g. The retention rate for Startup
h. Churn Rate in a Startup
i. Market Size (TAM, SAM, and SOM)
j. Key Takeaway for Growth

8. Everything about Startup funding

a.Startup funding stages

b.Startup funding source

c.Startup Ownership and Equity

d.Bootstrapping Your Startup

e. The inflection point in a startup

f.Incubators vs Accelerators

g.Angel Investor vs Venture capitalist

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs working on startups
  • Marketing students looking for business model
  • MBA students looking for business model
  • Product managers
  • Marketing Managers
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