The Pinterest Marketing Guide for Creatives


  • All you need is internet and a Pinterest account.
  • Please keep in mind that this Pinterest Marketing Course was made for Creatives, which is why a lot of my examples will be involving Art, using Canva, Creative Entrepreneurship and similar topics. The course can not serve EVERY category , which is why I chose ART as main example to focus on.


This Pinterest Course is the Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide for Creatives and will teach you How to Get Free Traffic From Pinterest.

This Course is targeted towards Creative Entrepreneurs,Art Lovers, Experienced Bloggers and Creative Small Business Owners Who Want to Increase Traffic to Their Website, Instagram Account or Blog Using Pinterest.

In this Pinterest course you will learn how Pinterest helps you boost your website and boost your traffic so that you can make more money with your business.

Pinterest basically spreads your content in a snowball system: Others pin your content on their bulletin boards, where it is found by even more users. So over time, your pins can build up an ever-growing reach and bring you a lot of traffic.

Pinterest is probably one of the most widely underestimated platforms to become successful in online marketing. Pinterest has about 370 million active users worldwide. If you have not been using Pinterest for your business so far , it’s about time to use this social search engine as your number 1 traffic channel.

The main goal with Pinterest is to drive more traffic to your website.

More traffic to your website equals:

-More people signing up for your email list

-More people clicking your affiliate links

-More brands wanting to work with you because of your higher traffic

-More sales


This Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide for Creatives is PERFECT for you if

-You are new to Pinterest marketing. You’re looking for foundational steps to get started on the platform and set your business up for success. Please keep in mind that this is a beginner course!

-You are struggling to find time to market your creative business effectively and gain more views on your websites

-You want to spend more time creating, doing what you love instead of losing too much time on marketing strategies

-You are confused by all the different social media platforms and don’t really know how Pinterest could benefit you and your creative business

-You have a private Pinterest account but are new to actively creating content (instead of simply pinning other people’s content) and want to learn how to boost your creative business through Pinterest marketing

-You want to learn how to create beautiful pins fast and get results for your business, that lead to attracting the right audience group and making more sales in your business


This Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide for Creatives is NOT FOR YOU IF

-You already have an optimised Pinterest profile that is search engine optimised and you already gain a lot of traffic

– You have a branded pin strategy in place, know how to create beautiful pins, which keywords to use and have learned how to leverage your time with manual and automated pinning

-My Pinterest course is also not for you if you are not a creative person, you don’t have any interest in art or creative entrepreneurship

-You are not ready to put in the work and are looking for quick ways to gain traffic from Pinterest


This Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide for Creatives teaches you how to create an optimal foundation for your creative Pinterest business account. You’ll master the fundamentals of Pinterest and be ready to level up your marketing on Pinterest once you have completed the course.

After taking this course you will know the effective Pinterest Strategies to use to grow your Business- Set up your Brand on Pinterest to generate traffic on autopilot.

The purchase of this course includes a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime access. You can replay the videos and access all course content and references at anytime.

>>>>ENROLL NOW<<<< and drive traffic to your websites!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners. If you are already an expert in using Pinterest, this course is not for you since I cover a lot of fundamentals that beginners need to feel comfortable in getting started with their marketing strategies.
  • If you are NOT interested in pinning MANUALLY, this course is not for you because it requires time to grow your Pinterest account, if you are serious.
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