Tools and Technologies for FinTech in Financial Inclusion



  • Curiosity and Patience to listen and reflect on discussed points.

Financial Inclusion must be the most important agenda of each government and financial services regulator of any country. It helps a country to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and in turn the prosperity of its citizen. Financial inclusion ensures that society is inclusive and it has a balanced distribution of resources, people are aware and have the capability to choose the financial services they want than being sold.

In this course, we will study the important pillars of Financial Inclusion and the role of technology in its design, delivery and awareness, and how can we measure the progress of financial inclusion of a country and Key Performance Indicators.

Details on Identity, Saving, Credit, Insurance, Remittance, Digital Payments, Mobile Payment System, Payment Processing, Digital Identity, Aadhaar, e-Estonia, Microfinance (SHG, JLG), Measuring financial inclusion, Mobile payment system, Digital Finance

The course will be of immense benefits if you are working in Financial Inclusion domain as;

– Product and Project Manager

– Financial Inclusion Practioner and Enthusiast

– Students, Researchers, Trainers and Teachers

– Regulator

So, see you in the course..

Who this course is for:
  • Financial Inclusion Practitioners and enthusiast
  • Students interested to know about financial inclusion
  • People interested to know the role of technology in financial inclusion
  • Teachers, Researchers, Professors and Trainers
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