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  • No previous qualification is needed
  • Eagerness to learn and achieve your goal


Want to match your footsteps with the current industry?

Want to fill the gap in your career?

Henry Harvin is undoubtedly the answer to all your questions and probably the best answer also!!

Digital Marketing has become an essential part of the industries. By getting enrolled in the course you will get the much-awaited leap in your career as it will give you in-depth knowledge about Digital marketing from the very basics. The course will offer you knowledge about all the important tools of Digital Marketing with practical knowledge to make you job-ready.

You will gain expertise in search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing that is required to be a complete digital marketer. It will cover every single element in digital marketing. This meticulously designed program will offer a great learning experience and enhance digital skills of the aspirants.

Looking at the current scenario it has become a compulsion for everyone, irrespective of the background they belong to. The course is offered both online and offline to bring it easily to whoever wants to do it. This course will surely lead to a successful career in the digital marketing domain.

Our Digital Marketing course is designed by experts from the industry who are accustomed to the length and breadth of the industry with a wide range of experience. These experts are nourishing our course with their innumerable experience Videos, written documents, quizzes, real-time examples and exercises are there to add to your knowledge and make your experience fulfilling.

After the completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Get to understand the role and importance of digital marketing in the changing business scenario that is moving ahead of times
  • Comprehend the holistic impact of Digital marketing
  • Go through the key elements of a digital marketing strategy
  • Understand how to measure the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign
  • Learn the use of skills in common digital marketing tools such as SEO, SEM, Social media and Blogs
  • Get the knowledge to assess the use of digital marketing tool
  • Accumulate the understanding of SEO as the fundamental of Digital Marketing
  • Learn on-page, and off-page SEO
  • Get the understanding to achieve top search engine ranking
  • Acquire the skills in web content writing, content marketing, mobile marketing and digital analytics
  • Comprehend marketing, operations, and human resources in real-time
  • Understand from the basics of identifying, assessing and selecting digital market opportunities.
  • Learn about the trends that are coming up in digital marketing
  • GET transformed into a complete digital marketer
  • Get eligible to get the highest paid jobs
  • Avail job opportunities that require specialization
  • Surpass others with your added skill and certification to your name

How is this course better than others?

• Experienced industry experts

• Curriculum designed as per the existing industry scenario

• Examples from the real-world for a complete understanding

• Exercises and quizzes

• Recordings and videos to make the course interesting and easy to learn

Scope of the course

This course will be an opportunity that will surely take you ahead in your professional career that will be combined with unparalleled growth. A program that has become a buzz for the Millennials and they very well realize the importance of it.

According to a Recent Survey that has been performed by Economic Times, internet Users will double to 829 million by the year 2021 with the way people are inclining towards using the internet.

By acquiring the essential skills needed to be a Pro in the field of digital marketing you are not far away from reaching the top. With the changing times and the requirement, the demand for the professionals is also increasing. By adding the skill and certification to your name you will definitely get the much-deserved hike in your pay, promotions, that will lead to a secured life.

Words of appreciation from our Students

1. “The classes were really interactive, the trainer used to be there for help without even asking. Also, the institute had a friendly atmosphere where I felt free to clear my doubts and learn. Undoubtedly, I found Henry Harvin as the best platform for Digital marketing training with top-class trainers.” Piyush Chawla

2. “As a student, I loved everything about the course. We really had lively classes with fun activities. With lots of practical sessions which made our learning much easier and wholesome. The trainers are so cooperative that they have been helping me with our digital marketing needs even after the course was completed.” Apoorva Kumar

3. “In the field of digital marketing-nothing can be better than Henry Harvin with excellent faculty, the course is well-designed with more focus on practical knowledge rather than bookish knowledge. The trainers put their heart and soul to deliver the best. I would love to join this institute again if I want to opt for any other course.” Suhana Arole

4. “I had taken a course on Digital marketing and I think this course curriculum is among the best and delivered in a structured way. It goes well with today’s needs. The faculty was able to connect student needs during live classes and support was available all the time. Overall, it was a very good experience.” Etisha Lakhani

5. “I have completed Digital Marketing Specialist certifications. This certification has really helped me to get promoted from Marketing Officer to Senior Marketing Office in my current company. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in it.” Imran Akhtar

Who this course is for:

  • Jobseekers: Who want to go for a change in the prospect of a better career
  • Marketing Professionals: Who wants to climb the ladder of success and add another feather to their cap
  • PR professionals: Wants to upgrade their skills
  • Small Business Owners: who want to take a big leap in their business
  • Entrepreneurs: Have the desire to learn and grow
  • Graduates: Enhance their skills and add a professional certificate that is in demand in the market
  • BBA and MBA students: Gain an extra skill that would put them in demand
  • Bloggers: Wants to make a mark and influence people with their blogs
  • Freelancer: If you want to get the money roll in
  • Anyone who is looking for a big change and wants to take a leap
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