Ultimate Influence and Persuasion

  • Have a basic knowledge of sales and influence/persuasion
  • Know your value proposition and influence target

Learn elite influence and persuasion techniques from my 5 years of influence and performance coaching for top executives in all different types of sales situations. I’ve coached:

– Top CEOs trying to close enterprise sales;

– Top executives trying to “sell” initiatives to executives and board members;

– Top real estate agents trying to close buyers of million-dollar properties;

– Politicians trying to sell initiatives as consensus;

– Billion-dollar AuM hedge fund managers trying to raise capital from allocators;

– All other sorts of influence and persuasion situations (e.g. a client trying to “sell” his dream vacation to his wife!);

Throughout this process, I’ve compiled a framework with my most elite persuasion and influence techniques to use for sales, and I’ll share all of them with you on this course. Besides just pure influence and technique, I also include two modules on performance and perseverance, which you will both need to keep closing high-volume sales in the long-term.

These techniques use the same psychological principles followed by persuasion scientists and master salesmen. You will see many techniques analog to Robert Cialdini’s, Chris Voss’s and/or Grant Cardone’s, for example, based on the same psychological persuasion elements. Field-tested and proven in the most extreme situations.

Want to up your influence and persuasion game? I’d be delighted to have you.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone in a situation where they must influence anyone else
  • Salespeople looking to close more deals
  • Talent managers asking their reports to perform tasks
  • Workers wanting to influence their managers to get a raise of promotion
  • Senior executives and rainmakers looking to close more deals
  • Politicians looking to close campaign contributions
  • Hedge fund and asset managers looking to close allocators
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