Understanding Brain Health And Function


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Do you ever feel like your brain is rotting? Or that you’re just not learning or absorbing as much as you used to or that you should? Then, this brain training course is for you. Like it or not, every single day your brain is being trained. Unfortunately, it’s being trained to be reactive, to shorten his attention span, and to give you hits of dopamine when new Facebook likes come in and text messages appear on your phone.

Our brains are remarkably malleable. Neuroplasticity is just a fancy way of saying that your brain is like plastic; it can be moulded and bent in any shape or form. The key is to figure out a system to actively shape your own brain so that it moulds itself into a form that optimises learning, creativity, insight, analysis, rationality, and enlightened feeling and emotion..

You will learn how to harness the untapped potential of your brain, to think smarter. Will learn the modern research findings about brain, and also learn how you can take advantage of the exciting new research to optimise brain fitness. In this course we’ll explore how you can increase your brain’s power by your own effort. You will be able to understand brain structure and function; and how are different parts of the brain are related to brain functions.

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