Vue.js All-in-One


  • Basic knowledge about JavaScript, CSS and HTML is assumed
  • Knowing how to navigate in your terminal shell
  • Knowlegde about your own operating system
  • Knowledge about NPM and ES6 will be a useful


Welcome to my Vue.js course, where I cover the essentials of modern web application development using Vue 3. I would be happy to welcome you to the course, here on Udemy.

Vue.js is an elegant and lightweight JavaScript framework which you can use everything from small reactive web components to full fledged single page web applications

During this course I will teach you:

  • The essentials of the Vue.js framework
  • How to use Vue.js its special directives
  • Hooking into Vue.js its life cycle methods
  • Conditionally rendering parts of you Vue.js templates

About Vue.js

Vue.js is one of the more popular frameworks for building interactive web applications. It was created by Evan You while he was working at Google, being inspired (and frustrated) by Angular.

The JavaScript framework was popularised by the Laravel community. And has gotten a long way since then. It has all the features you need for building modern web applications and has a rich landscape of plugins in the Vue ecosystem that enable fast development.

About Me

My name is Koen, it is nice to meet you. Starting out at the age of 15 with iOS development I never lost my interest in Software Development. Currently I mainly keep myself occupied with web development. I am invested in multiple backend technologies and frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Django and Laravel. On the frontend side of projects I follow the development of React, Alpine.js and Vue.js closely.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning web developers who want to develop interactive websites
  • JavaScript developers looking for an alternative to React or Angular
  • Software developers looking to improve web development skills
  • Laravel developers who want to deepen their knowledge on Vue
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