Web Development Essentials: Frontend Backend Database in LDE


  • The only requisite is to be able to download and install software on your laptop


In this course I show you how to run a frontend, a backend and a PostgreSQL database on your laptop, in a Docker Virtual Environment made of two containers, one for the frontend, one for the backend and the local database.

I assume you have a new laptop with nothing installed, so we start from the very beginning, installing Google ChromeDocker DesktopVagrantPostmanPostbird and VsCode.

I show you how to create a Gitlab account for the source code.

I show you a few schemas about how Google Chrome, Postman and Postbird are essential tools to ensure that the code you are writing is working, and then we use this tools to test the project on your laptop.

We use as project for the course an open source template project with a frontend, a backend and database that is ready to be run on a Docker Virtual Environment and is also ready to be deployed online with Kubernetes.

  • The frontend uses ReactReact RouterRecoil and Apollo GraphQL.
  • The backend uses NodeJsApollo GraphQL, and Prisma.
  • The database is a PostgreSQL

The template open source code project is the extreme simplification of a bigger and extreme complex project, and for this reason is fully featured and includes Single Sign On Authentication.

The open source project is from the public fullstackunicorn gitlab account and you can use it as a template for any of your future projects.

Who this course is for:

  • To a developer that wants a local development environment easy to setup and kubernetes ready
  • To any team that has experienced the issue “It works on my laptop, why is it not working on yours?”
  • To the windows user that wants to follow instructions using linux commands
  • To the frontend or backend developers that want a professional template that is not so easy to figure out and configure from scratch (It took us few days and few projects)
  • To anyone that wants a professional environment ready in less than 10 minutes
  • To anyone that was struggling to configure a virtual environment
  • To anyone that is experiencing issues with Virtualbox and vagrant (especially on a laptop with Apple chips)
  • To anyone that tried to have a Postgres database in locale but didn’t manage to make it work
  • To the complete beginner that is struggling to have his laptop ready for development
  • To anyone that wants to make his environment portable, and recreate it from scratch in less than 10 minutes on a new laptop
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