Entity Framework in C# for Beginners to Design Db App in SQL

Learn to work with Entity Framework in C# to create the database Apps with SQL Database…

All About Angular From Zero to Hero

Starting from basics of Angular to Advanced RXJS concepts!!!!

Statistics with R – Advanced Level

Statistical analyses using the R program

Python Gui – Graphical User Interfaces in Python with PyQt

Build a complete App in python, PyQt. PyQt5 with Qml. The UI/UX course.

React Clarified: Building a Game in React

You will learn the basics of React in the shortest time possible.

Agile Retrospective: Continuous Improvement+Kaizen wth Scrum

Learn continuous improvement and kaizen to improve your team or business with agile retrospectives and scrum

LinkedIn Essentials – Grow Your Network on LinkedIn (Free)

Get an "All Star" professional LinkedIn profile that gets you more connections, leads, and clients!

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