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  • Basic Python Knowledge
  • The desire to learn new things

Beginner-Friendly and Projects-Based Learning

Beginner-friendly and project-based learning content is hard to find on the web.  This course is designed for you to start from the zero-knowledge that you have on Web scraping and a little of Python and Data Science to working on real-life projects and building your portfolio.

Why Web scraping (Application and Case Studies)

The first part of the course focuses on how web scrapping is applied in different industries to bring value. Web Scraping is a tool for automating the collection of data or building datasets for analysis and modelling. If you are looking forward to mining data on the internet in your job or to start a business that applies this tool, this course will bring more light on how to do it.

Web scraping Process

Before going into detail, there is a summary of how to approach web scraping. Once you understand the thought process, you will be able to tackle challenging projects. Its always good to know the fundamentals before going into the application part.

Requests & Beautiful Soup Libraries

These are the libraries that you are going to learn in this tutorial for web scraping. They are taught from scratch and you don’t need lots of python programming skills to master them. Basic knowledge of python is essential.

Python Pandas Library: Building a DataFrame

To do further analysis and modelling you must build a dataset. By using the Python Pandas library, you can build a DataFrame that you will use for your analysis or machine learning models.

Python Web Scraping Projects

The projects in this tutorial contain various concepts that are key in web scraping. After these projects, you will be able to tackle your own projects and solve challenges on your own. You are simultaneously building a little portfolio as you work on these projects.

Who this course is for:
  • Absolute Begginers
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Web Scrapping professionals
  • Python Developers
  • Data Miners
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