Angular Basics for Absolute Beginners


  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript is required
  • Basic knowledge of Bootstrap is required
  • Basic knowledge of TypeScript


This course explains the introduction & overview  of Angular. It is mainly targeted for beginners, who wants to learn Angular.

This course also provides introduction to components with a simple practical example [with coding].


  • This course explains What is Angular, How to create new Angular app, with a simple Bootstrap NavBar and Routing.
  • Source code is available for each video (where some code is written).
  • This course includes with one assignment, to test your knowledge yourself, at the end of project.
  • Please check the Preview videos before enrolling the course, and subscribe to the course, only when you like my accent.
  • Remember, it is a FREE course; you can’t expect the complete Angular course with ALL the concepts. This course provides a basic angular application only.
  • This course doesn’t cover advanced topics of Angular such as Services, REST-API calls, Authentication, Reactive Forms, Dynamic Components, Component Communication, Life Cycle Hooks etc.
  • This course mainly helpful for you to get started with Angular and understand its basics.
  • This is a subset of my full course of Angular, i.e. “Complete Angular 8 – Ultimate Guide – with Real World App”, which you can checkout.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Angular Developers who wants to understand what is angular and how it works
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